exile for the proclamator

Helloindonesia.idBengkulu is one of the real sanctions of the life journey of an Indonesian proclaimer, and is Indonesia’s first president, Ir. Sukarno or better known as Bung Karno. Bung Karno’s past could not be separated from the shadows of exile by the Dutch colonial. There are several areas that have become the place of exile for the proclamator and one of them is Bengkulu.

exile for the proclamator
exile for the proclamator

In Bengkulu, Sukarno occupied a house that is now in the middle of Bengkulu City, precisely on the Sukarno Hatta road, Anggut Atas Sub-district, Gading Cempaka sub-district. The house is now better known as the Bung Karno exile home and has become one of the historic tourist attractions and cultural preservation in Bengkulu.

The house that has a simple design in white has a red and white screen veil makes us feel the spirit of nationalism. This karno flower seclusion house has a large and beautiful yard decorated with Japanese grass and flowers around the yard and decorated with small stones along the gate leading to the exile house of bungkarno. On the inside of the house we can see a sturdy flagpole and a pillar made of glittering ceramics with three-dimensional writing that makes the impression more assertive and that characterizes the Bung Karno exile home.

Not just a beautiful home page. Upon arrival at the front of the house we were immediately greeted in the guest room, seen a table and chairs made of wood as a place to welcome guests who came. It still looks sturdy and beautiful even though it’s almost half a century passed.

Inside this house there are also collections of Bung Karno’s books written in Dutch and dominated by politics and economics, which means that even though he was exiled, Bung Karno was still eager to liberate the Indonesian people. In the house you can also see the iron bed that is used as a bed is still in the same place and still tidy. Not only that the walls of the house there are also paintings of Bung Karno, Mrs. Ftmawati and paintings in the Dutch era. In addition, there are also photos of Sukarno’s heroes and comrades and their stories.

Inside the house there is also an old bicycle inside which is placed in a glass box and is still well maintained. This bicycle became Soekarno’s transportation during the workshop. And there are still many Sukarno’s remains in it that are still maintained until now.

Not only the yard and contents in a beautiful house, but the back of the house is also very interesting. There you will find concrete wells that are still standing strong and have clean water. At the back there are also small houses and bathrooms separated from the main house. There you can also find various kinds of souvenirs from Bengkulu to goods to food. on the back there is also a photo spot that was intentionally made to add to its luxurious impression.

Bung Karno’s exile home is visited by local and foreign tourists. they came to see the goods of Bung Karno, read historical stories stuck on the walls of the house, take pictures to buy by the typical bengkulu.

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