Banana Island

Small Banana Island, A Place to Escape One Footbath – In addition to the Malin Kundang stone, Air Manis Beach holds another attraction that can be explored. On the north side of this beach there is a small island called Pulau Pisang Kecil. At first glance, it feels normal to see this small island from the edge of the beach, just like other islands that are off any coast. However, Little Banana Island is unique because it does not require any vehicle to reach it, enough to set foot and then arrived on the island measuring about 2.8 hectares.

Banana Island
Banana Island

The island is only separated by a shallow strait from the edge of the north of Air Manis Beach. The distance is only about 200 meters with water levels ranging from 20 cm at low tide to about 1.2 meters at high tide. Because it is shallow, this island attracts tourists to stop for a moment when the water is receding. There they can imagine the sensation of being on a desert island without having to rent a boat or swim.

Pisang Kecil Island or in the local language called Pulau Pisang Ketek is a small island that is uninhabited. This makes the island, which is decorated with tall, towering coconut palms, feels quiet and peaceful. Therefore, this island is suitable to be a tourist destination for those who want to escape from the noise of daily activities in the city. Accompanied by the sound of the sound of waves breaking and the breeze of the sea, we can momentarily stretch muscles and calm the mind.

Although uninhabited, there are plenty of bamboo cots available around the island for visitors to use. There are also vendors selling food and soft drinks, so visitors do not need to worry if they do not bring supplies.

In a peaceful atmosphere, visitors can relax and enjoy the panoramic view of the Air Manis Beach line and the wide expanse of sea around it. Besides the panoramic view of the beach and sea, from a distance visitors can also see views of Mount Padang which is located on the north side of the island.

Combing the beach to the west side of the island, tourists will also see another island called Pulau Pisang Besar. When dusk arrives, the island which is also called Padang Gadang Island in the Minang language will form a beautiful silhouette against an orange sky background.

Unlike the Little Banana Island, Padang Gadang Island is an inhabited island with an average population of people living as fishermen or farmers. The island, which measures about 25 hectares, is about 2 km from Air Manis Beach and can be reached by rented motorboat in about 15 minutes.

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