Bung Hatta

Helloindonesia.idBukittinggi has become the womb of a number of great figures who have helped to carve out history in this country. One of them was the Proclamator of the Republic of Indonesia, Mohammad Hatta. Bung Hatta was born and grew up in a modest house located on Jalan Soekarno Hatta, near the Pasar Bawah area, Bukittinggi City. It was at this house that the figure of Hatta as a leader known for his firmness and simplicity began to be formed. This house was damaged, not maintained, but later restored and now functioned as a museum.

Bung Hatta
Bung Hatta

The Bung Hatta Birth House Museum is actually the home of Bung Hatta’s grandfather from the mother’s side, the Hajj Ilyas Bagindo Angry. This two-story house was built around the 1860s. There, Hatta lived with his mother, Saleha and his uncles, namely Saleh Sutan Sinaro and Haji Idris. His mother lives upstairs, while his uncles live downstairs. Hatta himself occupies a room in the back which is located separately from the main building of the house.

Over time, this house was no longer used by Bung Hatta’s extended family because it had been damaged. In fact, this house was once owned by a building material entrepreneur named Mr. Sabar.

The house was then demolished by the owner. Entering the 1990s, the idea emerged to rebuild the historic house, and the land was later bought back by the Bung Hatta University.

The rebuilding effort continues with the support of the city government of Bukittinggi. In mid 1994, this plan began to be realized. The rebuilding program for the home of Bung Hatta was a part of the program to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Bukittinggi City. The inauguration took place on August 12, 1995, right on the anniversary of Bung Hatta’s birthday.

After renovation, the location of the building is widened to the rear as far as 5 meters from the original building’s position. This is because the original front of the building is too close to the edge of the road. In the past, the front of the building directly faced the rice field owned by Bung Hatta’s grandfather. But along with the development of the City of Bukittinggi, the rice fields have now become Jalan Soekarno-Hatta.

One proof of this location shift is the location of the well which was originally behind the house, now shifted into the room of one of Bung Hatta’s uncles, Idris.

The main room downstairs and upstairs is used to display various documentation about Bung Hatta’s life journey. We can also see Bung Hatta’s family tree, both from his mother and father’s side, on the left wall of the entrance.

In the room located behind this house, visitors can also find collections in the form of old ontel bikes that were once used by Bung Hatta in his youth. The room was Bung Hatta’s room when he was still single.

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