Helloindonesia.id – It can be said that Rendang is included in the highest caste of culinary treasures from West Sumatra. A combination of savory coconut milk and a strong aroma of spices that tempt everyone to try it. Maybe not many ordinary people know, in their own home areas Rendang has many variants, each of which has its own characteristics. One of them is rendang runtiah or also called rendang shred.

Rendang Runtiah
Rendang Runtiah

Rendang runtiah is a rendang variant with a basic ingredient of boiled beef which is stretched lengthwise. In terms of compounding, this type of rendang does not differ much from the rendang that we commonly encounter.

However, because the characteristics of the meat used are different, the rendang produced has a meat texture that is drier and crispy when chewed. This makes this type of rendang much used as souvenirs typical of West Sumatra.

One of the producers who are famous for their special rendang runtiah blend is Rendang ‘Nikmat’ from Payakumbuh City. One of the keys to Rendang’s enjoyment lies in the uniqueness of the seasoning mix used and its cooking techniques.

To produce a truly special rendang, the mixers use coconut milk from 20 coconuts for every 1 kilogram of beef. Spices used include red chili, garlic, ginger, langkuas and lemongrass leaves with a standardized composition, so that the quality of production is well maintained.

Rendang producers, which have been producing since 2002, are popular with many people and have even made achievements in the culinary field. It is not wrong if rendang is worthy of being a reference for souvenirs for those who come to the city of Payakumbuh.

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