Rendang Paru – In addition to beef-based rendang, there are still several unique variants of the culinary specialties of West Sumatra. The basic ingredients that can be blended into rendang are very varied, such as eggs, shellfish, young jackfruit (cubadak), up to the claws or dried fried cassava which is cut into cubes.

Rendang Paru
Rendang Paru

In addition to these ingredients, cow lungs are also an alternative that produces a unique rendang flavor. Pulmonary lung has several differences from rendang in general. This difference arises from the distinctive characteristics of the basic ingredients that are different from beef, which is more moist and soft.

In terms of the stages of the cooking process, it can be said that there is almost no difference between rendang lung with meat rendang. However, the process of cooking lung rendang takes longer than the meat rendang.

In addition, the spices and coconut milk mix that is used in lung rendang is relatively more when compared to conventional rendang. This concoction consists of spices consisting of red chili, garlic, ginger and langkuas mashed, as well as the types of leaves that are finely chopped.

One of the rendang producers in Payakumbuh, namely Rendang ‘Nikmat’ revealed, to produce an ideal lung rendang, they use coconut milk 1.5 times more than rendang made from meat. In addition, concoctions of spices used have a higher dose.

Lung rendang has a harder texture compared to other types. Besides that, the taste and aroma produced are also different from the characteristics of rendang meat. Therefore, this type of rendang deserves to be an alternative for those who want to feel the sensation of enjoying rendang which is different from usual.
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