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Iboih Beach, snorkeling in the paradise of the world

Helloindonesia.id – One of the beaches that are excellent among the backpacker community on Weh Island is Iboih Beach. Located on the westward route from the Balohan Harbor to the West Kilometer Zero Monument, this beach is one of the destinations of travelers from various parts of the world. Not surprisingly, if we visit this beach, it is dominated by foreign tourists who stay for days or even weeks.

Hello indonesia beach
Iboih beach

This beach is actually officially named ‘Teupin Layeu’, but many visitors, especially foreign tourists, are more popularly known as ‘Iboih’ (pronounced ‘iboh’). Iboih offers all the underwater beauty that we can enjoy even without swimming.

The clear sea water sparkles when exposed to the sun as if to show all the biological wealth contained therein. Rows of coral in the middle of white sand adorned with small fish that move in harmony in the colony is really a sight that is worth enjoying for long.

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Among backpackers, this beach is famous as a paradise for lovers of snorkeling and diving. The waves of seawater on this beach are relatively calmer compared to Gapang Beach. This is due to the unobstructed position of the Rubiah Island which is only a few hundred meters away. For those who are adept at swimming, crossing the sea up to Rubiah Island is an adventure in itself. However, for safety reasons swimming across the strait should only be done in groups.

Here there are many boats owned by residents that we can rent to get around Rubiah Island or just want to see beautiful spots to dream of underwater life. Generally available boats consist of two types, small boats, and large boats. The small boat is suitable for those who want to tour the Iboih Sea and snorkel in small groups. But if we are in a large group, renting a large boat would be the right choice, of course.

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For those of us who can’t swim, it doesn’t matter. Large boats are generally equipped with glass windows facing the bottom and can be used to see the underwater beauty of the ship. In addition, with the life vest provided, we can also feel the plunge into the water and see the beauty of the underwater paradise here.

The experience of enjoying God’s masterpiece can be a memory that will probably always be remembered when we visit one of the in Indonesia’s most Western Province.

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