Traditional Bengkulu Drum festival – The beat of the rhythmic beat of the wasps of this musical instrument is able to provide its own excitement. The spirit of harbor from this one musical instrument usually makes every performance come alive and vibrant. This is dol, a typical drum from Bengkulu, which is usually played in a roll.

Traditional Bengkulu Drum festival
Traditional Bengkulu Drum festival

As presented when the Dol musicians opened the national dance parade in Taman Mini Indonesia Indah in commemoration of the 40th Birthday. Some dol beaters beat together with the same rhythm and make the show more lively.

At first glance, when you look at its shape, dol looks like percussion. But the sound produced by this instrument is not the same as percussion. Dol is made of wood or coconut hump which is known to be strong but lightweight. The coconut tree stump is then given a hole at the top.

Finally, just covered with goat skin or cow leather. For diameter dol, which usually has a large size reaches 70-125 cm with a height reaching 80 cm. Meanwhile, dol bat is usually about 5 cm in diameter with a length of about 30 cm. Making dol usually takes about 3 weeks depending on the availability of wood.

Dol can be played with 3 techniques that usually follow the atmosphere of the show where dol is played. Like, Suwena technique, in this technique dol is usually played with a slow tempo. This technique is usually played when the atmosphere of grief.

There are also tamatam techniques which are usually played with a cheerful atmosphere. In this technique dol is played with a fast and constant tempo. The last technique is Suwari, this technique is played with one-on-one punches and is usually played on long journeys. In playing dol, usually juxtaposed with other musical instruments such as tassa, a type of tambourine that was beaten using rattan.

Traditional Bengkulu Drum festival
Traditional Bengkulu Drum festival

In the past dol was usually played on special occasions such as tabot celebrations by Bengkulu people who were still descendants of tabot. Dol cannot be played by just anyone, only people of Tabot descent can play this instrument.

As the development, dol began to be widely played in various special events. Later artists in Bengkulu also actively introduced dol to the general public. In fact, for those who are interested in owning dol, a musical instrument that is usually painted in bright colors is usually sold at a price of between Rp.850,000 to millions of rupiah depending on the size of dol.
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