Helloindonesia.id – Like other regions in Indonesia, Balinese people also have traditional clothing. One of them is udeng, a headband worn by Balinese men. Udeng is commonly worn by people from various walks of life. Both nobility and ordinary people, from children to elders, all Balinese people use this headband.


Udeng is made of fabric with a length of approximately approximately half a meter. The making of udeng requires its own expertise, therefore generally udeng is produced in certain areas. Udeng craftsmen and other fabric handicrafts are produced in the Karangasem area. One of the villages that is famous for cloth craft is Sidemen Village.

Visiting this village, you can find udeng in various motifs, ranging from plain, metallic ornaments, batik patterns, and other more modern patterns.

Udeng has a bilateral asymmetrical shape with the right side higher than the left side. This asymmetrical form has philosophical meaning that everyone must try to do virtue (right).

Balinese men use udeng in many of their daily activities. The community uses udeng both in informal meetings, official events, until ritual worship and religious ceremonies. When worshiping in the temple, udeng is used to prevent hair loss and can violate the sanctity of the temple. Udeng used when worshiping is generally plain white.

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