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Udeng, a typical headband of Balinese men – Like other regions in Indonesia, Balinese people also have traditional clothing. One of them is udeng, a headband worn by Balinese men. Udeng is commonly worn by people from various walks of life. Both nobility and ordinary people, from children to elders, all Balinese people use this headband. Udeng is made of fabric […]

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Burial corpses in the village of Trunyan, Bali

Funeral Tradition Funeral Tradition Trunyan society has a funeral tradition in which the corpse is buried on a boulder that has a basin of 7 pieces. Adat Terunyan Village regulates the burial procedure for its citizens. In this village there are three graves (sema) devoted to three different types of death. If one of Terunyan’s […]

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