Burial corpses in the village of Trunyan, Bali

Funeral Tradition

Funeral Tradition
Trunyan society has a funeral tradition in which the corpse is buried on a boulder that has a basin of 7 pieces.

Adat Terunyan Village regulates the burial procedure for its citizens. In this village there are three graves (sema) devoted to three different types of death. If one of Terunyan’s citizens dies naturally, the corpse is tortured

tupi white cloth, and then placed without burial under a big tree called Taru Menyan, in a location called Sema Wayah. However, if the cause of death is unnatural, such as an accident, suicide, or murder, the body will be placed in a location called Sema Bantas. As for

burying babies and small children, or adults who have not yet married, will be placed in Sema Muda (Rumah Miarta Yasa)

The explanation of why the corpse placed neatly in the sema (grave) did not cause a smell but naturally, but the decomposition of the corpses, caused by the tree Taru Menyan, which can produce a fragrant smell and able to neutralize the stench of corpses. Taru means tree, while Mengan means fragrant. This Taru Menyan tree, only grows in this area. Be Tarumenyan then better known as Terunyan which is believed to be the origin of the name of the village.

Well besides, there are also other facts about Trunyan Village and this unique funeral tradition, you know! Here are the facts:
1. “Trunyan” Indeed the Name of a Funeral

6 Fakta Desa Trunyan dan Tradisi Pemakaman Uniknya

Trunyan Tombs via tripadvisor.co.uk
Not just the name of a village, Trunyan is also the name of a funeral in Trunyan Village. In this Trunyan grave, the dead corpse is left lying on the ground, while the family members simply provide a fence of bamboo and offerings beside the corpse.
2. The corpse buried here does not smell bad

6 Fakta Desa Trunyan dan Tradisi Pemakaman Uniknya

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Logically, the corpse that was buried openly and placed just like that, surely kelama-oldan will emit a bad smell, but not with the buried in Trunyan, did not at all emit a bad smell.

6 Fakta Desa Trunyan dan Tradisi Pemakaman Uniknya

Via xplorea.com
Why? This happens because the body is placed between the tree Taru Menyan. Taru means tree and Menyan means fragrant. Local people believe that the aroma that comes out of the taru tree is the one that can neutralize the surrounding air, so that the stench is not there, although no research can reveal how this tree can absorb the stench of human corpses buried here.
3. Taru Menyan Tree Expected to be Thousands of Years
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Based on the story of the local population, the villagers had suddenly approached the confusion because of the smell of fragrant smells throughout the village, even so sting many people who experience colds.

6 Fakta Desa Trunyan dan Tradisi Pemakaman Uniknya

By L’Abominable Homme de Rires via flickr.com
Once traced, it turns out, the scent of scent came from a large tree, then so that the scent does not disturb the smell of the villagers again, it was decided the place was used as a burial place.

6 Fakta Desa Trunyan dan Tradisi Pemakaman Uniknya

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Trees that emit such strong unique scent can only grow in this area, although it has been tried to be planted in other areas. The uniqueness of this tree seems to have become the forerunner of Trunyan village name.
4. There are Requirements to be Buried here

6 Fakta Desa Trunyan dan Tradisi Pemakaman Uniknya

A new corpse for a few weeks is buried – via magicaelly.com
Locals have their own terms and conditions in the funeral. One of them is the number of bodies on the ground close to Trunyan tree can not be more than eleven bodies. It is governed by the belief of the local custom. But some say that one tree can only neutralize eleven bodies, so if more than that then the body will emit odors.

6 Fakta Desa Trunyan dan Tradisi Pemakaman Uniknya

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In addition, the bodies that can be buried under the taru tree are those who die naturally and have been married. For bodies that have become bones will be collected with others near the root of the tree, so that the place can be used for new bodies. Another uniqueness, the corpse will be covered with “Ancak” is a bamboo cage. The burial place for those who died naturally is called Sema Wayah.
5. “Sema Bantas,” The Burial Place for Those Who Died Unnaturally…
How to die unnatural such as accidents, suicide or killed people. Well, the corpse is not allowed to be buried near the Trunyan tree, there is another place called Sema Bantas specifically for those who die unnaturally.
6. There Is Also “Young Sema” Funeral Place for Baby or Kids
In addition to Sema Bantas, there is also Sema Muda, which is a burial place for those who are still babies or children and residents who are large and grown but not married. These burial places have been distinguished according to the rules applicable in Trunyan Village.

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