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Burial corpses in the village of Trunyan, Bali

Funeral Tradition Funeral Tradition Trunyan society has a funeral tradition in which the corpse is buried on a boulder that has a basin of 7 pieces. Adat Terunyan Village regulates the burial procedure for its citizens. In this village there are three graves (sema) devoted to three different types of death. If one of Terunyan’s […]

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7 Unique Traditions of Ramadan

The majority of people in Indonesia are Muslim, various events or traditions welcomed Ramadan is widely held in various regions. well this time I want to share some of the traditions performed by the people of Indonesia in welcoming or undergoing ramadahan month. We take this tradition from various regions in Indonesia, of course there […]

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The Tradition of Eating Soil In Tuban

Surely many who think that the land is just a building material, so tile, so a brick, so wall hahaha. but not for this one, in one dearah in indonesia its right in Tuban Regency, East Java, there is snack made from clay, it has become tradition from generation to generation. This snack is known […]

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