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The Naulu and Huaulu Tribes and Modernization in It
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The Naulu and Huaulu Tribes and The Modernization

This time we will get to know the interior tribes, namely the Naulu tribe in the interior of Maluku, although some areas are already quite developed, it turns out that Maluku still has various fairly traditional tribes there, the Huaulu Tribe who lives in the northern area of ​​Seram Island and the Naulu Tribe who […]

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Orom Sasadu, Tradition of the Sahu Tribe Eating Party in Jailolo

Helloindonesia.id – The Jailolo community in West Halmahera Regency, North Maluku, has a unique harvest party tradition. The tradition of a joint meal party is called Orom Sasadu. Orom means eating, while sasadu means traditional house. The Sahu community holds Orom Sasadu twice a year. The first ritual is usually held in January after finishing […]

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Mumification, the way the Asmat Tribe Respect the Customary Chief's Body

Helloindonesia.id – The process of preserving bodies through the process of mummification is not only in Egypt, but also in Indonesia, precisely in Wamena, Papua. The mummification process is the way the Dani people occupy the Baliem Valley, Wamena, to honor the bodies of their chiefs. The embalming process is done by rubbing the body […]

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Pukul Manyapu, Unique Tradition from Central Maluku

Helloindonesia.id – Swept or Raw Manyapu Punch is a unique tradition to celebrate Eid al-Fitr. This tradition was held by the people of Mamala Village and Morela Village, Leihitu District, Central Maluku, every 7 Shawwal in the Hijri calendar. The tradition of the Manyapu Pukul has been around since the 17th century. A Maluku Muslim […]

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Traditional Ceremony Nyongkolan In Lombok

Hello friends, this time we want to continue to share again explore about indigenous culture istiadiat in our beloved country. this time we will continue from the post before it. this time still from the archipelago lombok there is one more unit ceremony in lakuakn by society there, one of them is nyongkolan, what is […]

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Merariq Traditional Ceremony From Lombok

Hello friends this time we will tell again or more exactly share it, about custom or unique traditions in our beloved country, because so much we try to review one by one what we know both new and old. this curry we will review the traditional ceremony merariq from lombok, okay before we start further, […]

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