Hello friends, this time we want to continue to share again explore about indigenous culture istiadiat in our beloved country. this time we will continue from the post before it. this time still from the archipelago lombok there is one more unit ceremony in lakuakn by society there, one of them is nyongkolan, what is nyongkolan

Nyongkolan is an indigenous activity that accompanies a series of events in a marriage procession on the sasak tribe in Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. this activity is the procession of the bridegroom from the groom’s house to the bride’s house, accompanied by family and relatives of the groom, wearing traditional clothes, as well as a group of music that can be a gamelan or group of tambourines, or accompanied Gendang beleq on the nobility. In practice, due to the distance factor, this procession is not done literally, but usually the entourage begins walking from a distance of 1-0.5 km from the bride’s house.

upcara nyangkolan
upacara nyangkolan

The purpose of this procession is to introduce the couple to the community, especially among relatives and communities where the bride lives, because usually the whole series of weddings carried out on the bridegroom.
Some participants in this procession usually carry some items such as garden, vegetables and fruits that will be distributed to relatives and neighbors of the bride. Among the nobility of the order of the motorcade and the items it carries have certain rules.
until now Nyongkolan still can be found in Lombok, a convoy that attracts the public to watch because this drum sound is usually held after the dhuhur at the weekend. if you travel between cities do Lombok, then be prepared to face the incidental jams due to nyongkolan that you can meet along the way, if in the end of the week a lot of weddings are held.
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well there are a few that we can share, there are many things that we can explore from Indonesia, create a friend temam who want to tell the customs and culture of his area can directly send it on the main page helloindonesia or can send to [email protected], picture

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