bau nyale

hello friends, this time we want to continue the love info about culture and traditions in our beloved country. this time still in lombok area there is one ceremony with the name Bau Nyale, then whether the ceremony nyale smell is yukk let us discuss.

Nyale smell comes from the sasak language that smell means catch while nyale is the name of sea worms in lombok. Nyale own odor ceremony is a traditional ceremony of lombok community conducted atara February and March. The ceremony itself is a ceremony where people will go to the beach at high tides around 4:00 am to catch sea worms “Nyale”, usually nyale catches will be eaten and sold. The ceremony itself stems from a legend of Princess Mandalika For the fuller story

upacara nyale
upacara nyale

Legend story
Bale Nyale Festival
Bau Nyale party or ceremony is an event and tradition that is very legendary and has a high sacred value for the Sasak Tribe, the original tribe of Lombok Island. The existence of nyale smell party is closely related to a growing folklore in the southern part of Central Lombok.

Princess Mandalika, a beautiful princess who transformed into nyale worms and appear once in a year on the Beach Lombok. Who would have thought nyale worms are contested and searched every year by the people of Lombok is the incarnation of a very beautiful princess who ancient contested by princes from various kingdoms in Lombok.

Princess Mandalika is the daughter of the couple of King Tonjang Beru and Dewi Seranting. This king is famous for his wisdom so that his people love him so much because they live prosperously. Princess Mandalika lives in a royal setting and is respected until she reaches adulthood.

As an adult Princess Mandalika grows into a very beautiful and fascinating girl. Her beauty spread all over Lombok, so princes from various kingdoms like Johor Kingdom, Kingdom of Lipur, Kingdom of Pane, Kingdom of Kuripan, Kingdom of Daha, and kingdom of Beru intend to marry her.

Knowing it turned out to make the Princess upset, because if he chose one of them there will be division and battle in Gumi Sasak. There are even some kingdoms that install senggeger for the Princess fell in love with him. But this even makes the Princess more upset.

After a long thought, finally the Princess decided to invite all princes and their people to meet at Kuta Beach Lombok on the 20th of the 10th month according to the calculation of Sasak month precisely before dawn. The invitation was welcomed by all the princes and their people so that on that date they flocked to the invitation location.

After some time finally the Princess Mandalika appeared with carried by the soldiers who guard it. Then he stopped and stood on a rock on the beach. After saying his intention to accept all princes and people finally the Princess jumped into the sea. All the people who seek it do not find it. After a while finally came a collection of colorful worms that people believe to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika.

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