bau nyale
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Ceremony Bau Nyale Lombok

hello friends, this time we want to continue the love info about culture and traditions in our beloved country. this time still in lombok area there is one ceremony with the name Bau Nyale, then whether the ceremony nyale smell is yukk let us discuss. Nyale smell comes from the sasak language that smell means […]

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Traditional Ceremony Nyongkolan In Lombok

Hello friends, this time we want to continue to share again explore about indigenous culture istiadiat in our beloved country. this time we will continue from the post before it. this time still from the archipelago lombok there is one more unit ceremony in lakuakn by society there, one of them is nyongkolan, what is […]

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Merariq Traditional Ceremony From Lombok

Hello friends this time we will tell again or more exactly share it, about custom or unique traditions in our beloved country, because so much we try to review one by one what we know both new and old. this curry we will review the traditional ceremony merariq from lombok, okay before we start further, […]

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