Mumification, the way the Asmat Tribe Respect the Customary Chief's Body – The process of preserving bodies through the process of mummification is not only in Egypt, but also in Indonesia, precisely in Wamena, Papua.

The mummification process is the way the Dani people occupy the Baliem Valley, Wamena, to honor the bodies of their chiefs. The embalming process is done by rubbing the body using natural ingredients. The body was then placed on the fireplace until it turned black. Generally, this body is positioned seated.

The preserved body is then stored in Honai, a traditional Dani house. The body will be issued when there is an important event or when there are guests visiting.
This mummification is not carried out on all members of the tribe, but only for people who have important positions, such as tribal chiefs and warlords, or it can be for people who are considered meritorious.

The procession was also accompanied by cutting the fingers of the family members left behind, accompanied by singing in the local language. At present, there are several mummies that we can witness in Papua, including

1.Mumi Werupak Elosak

While still alive, Werupak Elosak is known as a wise and very friendly chieftain. He loved his people so that the population was reluctant to burn his body. The Elosak Werupak body was then preserved as a mummy so that it could be remembered by the offspring. Mummies in Aikima Village, Wamena, are 250 years old

2. Mummy Wim Motok Mabel

During his life, Wim Motok Mabel was a Dani warlord. He is known as a brave figure, a brave and respected leader. The age of the mummy is located in the Kerulu District, the Baliem Valley area, this is around 284 years. Age is calculated from the number of straps added to the neck each year.

Towards death, Mabel advised that his body be preserved so that the offspring could remember it. Over time, the mummy of Wim Motok Mabel is not only a reminder of the past, but also attracts tourists to come and see it

3. Mummy Agat Mamete Mabel

The mummy, which is more than 200 years old, is sacred to the people of Pumo Village, Wogi Silakarno Doga District, Wamena, Papua. Now, this mummy is treated by Eli Mabel, the 13th descendant who keeps the mummy.

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