Helloindonesia.id – Indonesia is a country with a variety of cuisines that can hardly be calculated, because in each region they usually have their own culinary, this time we give 5 favorite foods of samarinda according to helloindonesia.id, what are these foods, let’s see the following review.

Kerupuk Amplang


Now the first samarinda special food that you can taste or make as a snack for your travel companion to explore the beauty of Samarinda is Amplang crackers.

This one cracker is made of fish with a very unique shape, but of course your taste is not to worry, because the taste of fish crackers is very tasty and the taste of the fish is very pronounced, because the most dominant raw material is the fish given with a little just flour mixture.

You can also easily find these Amplang crackers in some areas in Java, only if you buy them directly from their hometown they will be more different.

Lempok Durian

Well for those of you lovers of durian, of course you can also enjoy or also make this one of Samarinda’s special foods as souvenirs for your relatives. These foods are lempok durian or also known as durian dodol.

As the name implies, this one food is made from raw material in the form of fresh durian. You can enjoy it with a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon. This one food also has long durability so it is very suitable to be used as souvenirs.

Pepes Kepiting / Crab


Well maybe you’ve only tasted pepes fish, but did you know if there is a unique food in Samarinda that is very unique and also very tasty, it’s pepes crab. The types of crabs used are soka crabs which are cooked using special spices such as chili, basil leaves, lemongrass and other typical Samarinda spices.

Uniquely the pepes crab will also be burned after steaming first so that the taste is very delicious.

Gapit Pisang /Gapit Banana


Processed or also other typical foods of Samarinda made from banana are banana peas. As the name implies, the banana will be clamped during the cooking process.

The bananas used in making this one culinary are sanggar banana, kapok banana and kapok banana. It’s just that the banana used must be a not-too-ripe banana or half-cooked banana. The process of making this banana is by roasting.

Ayam Cicane / Cinane Chicken

Well, you want to taste the delicious and delicious food of samarinda, so you can enjoy this cicane chicken. As the name implies, the raw material for making this one culinary is made from native chicken by cooking using very special spices such as candlenut, ginger and galangal. If all the chicken parts are evenly distributed then the chicken will be roasted and fried. Gence Ruan

Baca Juga


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