Sapei Sapaq shirt, Traditional men's clothing in north Kalimantan – The Sapei Sapaq shirt is a traditional North Kalimantan shirt intended for men. From the material of manufacture, model and motif, this shirt is very similar to Ta’a’s clothes. It’s just that, for subordinates, the clothes worn by men are only in the form of scarf rolls that resemble underwear. Even so, subordinates like this now generally have been replaced with black shorts because they are considered less beautiful in the eyes. Complementary to the Sapei Sapaq shirt is a mandau tucked in the waist, war shields, and necklaces from natural materials such as bones, pig fangs, and seeds.

Generally, these clothes have a style that is almost the same as the traditional women’s clothing motif. It’s just that the boss’s clothes are made in the form of a vest that is combined with subordinate clothing in the form of a loincloth called abet kaboq. As a supplement, it is also added to the mandau which is tied to the waist.

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