Get Closer with Bubohu Traditional Village in Gorontalo – The life of Indonesian people is very closely related to religion. Even in some areas there are many locations that are used as spiritual tourist sites for followers of various types of religions in Indonesia. Just mention Mahmud Village in Bandung Regency, Buntu Burake in Tana Toraja Regency, and Sendangsono in Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta. These places put forward a spiritual experience for visitors who stop by for pilgrimage. In addition to the places mentioned earlier, in Gorontalo there is also a place that offers spiritual experience, known as the Bubohu Village, or also known as the Bongo Village. This traditional village is located in Batudaa Pantai District, Gorontalo Regency. Bubohu village which is also a traditional village is about 35 kilometers from Jalaludin Airport, Gorontalo.

Bubohu Traditional Village which has been designated as a Religious Tourism Village by the Gorontalo Provincial Government due to the charm of cultural tourism stored in this village. This traditional village is also a natural boarding school in which there are santri who are studying Islam. In addition to studying the religion of Islam, Bubohu Traditional Village is also a place to learn to get to know the history of the Kingdom of Gorontalo. Maa Taduwolo, a place within this traditional village environment saves various kinds of sources related to the history of the Kingdom of Gorontalo. When visiting Bubohu Traditional Village, visitors will be greeted by a collection of wood fossils in front of the village entrance that line neatly above the ground.

Within the Bubohu boarding school environment, there is one distinctive scene, namely a row of typical Gorontalo huts called Wambohe neatly lined up in a boarding school environment. In addition to Wombohe, there are also wooden buildings in the neighborhood of the pesantren that resemble Toyopos or containers commonly used by Bungo people to store cakes when commemorating the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad. In addition, far above the hilltop, but still in the Bubohu Village area, there is also a mosque called the Walima Gold Mosque.

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