Helloindonesia.id – For majority people, tiwul rice may still feel strange. Yes, traditional Javanese food is synonymous with rural communities that have the ingredients of dried cassava or people commonly call it cassava.

Tiwul Rice

One area known for its tiwul rice is Pacitan. In the area that is famous for having many beaches, tiwul rice is served with several typical dishes such as fried kelong fish, vegetable tofu and not to miss the chilli with the addition of cucumbers. There is something unique about this kelong fish which is nothing but a shark child which is cut into several parts.

The mixture of tiwul rice with various side dishes makes this culinary delight when eaten. The taste of kelong fish gives a different feel when eating tiwul rice. Savory and a little aroma of ginger is felt when the fish meat is in the mouth. Additional vegetable tempe tofu and shrimp in it also make tiwul rice become rich in flavor. To slightly increase appetite, chili sauce and cucumber pieces are the right complement for tiwul rice.

Rice Tiwul is rice that has the basic ingredients of cassava. Gaplek is dried cassava, usually dried under the hot sun. From the cassava material, this is the initial process of making tiwul to become Tiwul Rice. From the beginning the form of white cassava then after becoming rice turns slightly brownish

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