Rawon, Culinary with a Touch of Indonesian Spice

Helloindonesia.id – Talking about archipelago culinary is truly endless, because every region in the archipelago has unique culinary that is always different and has its own uniqueness. Like rawon, this culinary known to the people of East Java and parts of Central Java is processed using spices and kitchen spices that only exist in Indonesia.


In general, rawon contains pieces of meat with a mixture of brownish sauce. The sauce on rawon is made from spices, such as onion, garlic, galangal, coriander, turmeric, ginger, chili. Addition of tamarind and papaya seeds is a characteristic of Rawon, considering that the brown color of the rawon sauce is not from soy sauce but from the contents of the seeds of the papaya.

The leaves are trees that grow wild and the seeds by the archipelago are often used as kitchen spices. However, papaya seeds should not be eaten in a raw state, considering the seeds of papaya contain substances that are harmful to the body.

How to make Rawon is very simple. At first the various spices were put together and mashed, then put together with stew pieces of beef. In the process of cooking, lemongrass, sugar, and salt are added according to taste. To produce rawon soft meat, usually restaurants that sell rawon process meat through boiling twice.

Rawon is usually served together with hot rice. Additional fried tempeh, crackers, and sprinkles of sprouts and fried onions are the complementary ingredients that make this culinary complete with delicious flavors. No wonder, if in various hajat, rawon is often present to complement the dishes for guests who come.

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