The Cap Go Meh Celebration Togetherness Event – In general, celebrations of cultural traditions in Indonesia are not only attended by the groups concerned, but are also attended or even involve the wider community. Likewise, this year’s Cap Go Meh celebration took place lively in various cities in Indonesia.

Cap Go Meh

In Bogor, Tuesday (2/19/2019), Cap Go Meh is celebrated by holding a festival along Jalan Suryakencana. In the festival, lion dances and liong are displayed along with traditional Sundanese arts.

Communities from various backgrounds flock to see it. Reportedly, the event titled Bogor Street Fest-Cap Go Meh 2019 will be included in the national tourism agenda.

In West Jakarta, the Cap Go Meh celebration was held at the Chinatown Festival at Jalan Pancoran, Pinangsia Village, Taman Sari District. The Cap Go Meh celebration in Jakarta will also be used as an annual routine agenda.

In Singkawang, West Kalimantan, the Cap Go Meh celebration was very lively. The celebration of Cap Go Meh in this city is indeed the most lively in Indonesia. Enlivened by 1,060 tatung and art from 17 multiethnic communities, it is not surprising that this event is a strong attraction for visitors.

Every year, the Cap Go Meh Festival in Singkawang City is always flooded with visitors. Not only local people, visitors also come from outside Kalimantan and even from outside Indonesia.

The spirit of togetherness was also strongly felt in Malang City. The Cap Go Meh Klenteng En Ang Kiong committee provided 5,000 rice cakes to welcome guests. This food from the combination of Javanese and Chinese culture is a hallmark of Chinese New Year and Cap Go Meh celebrations in the cities of Java.

Cap Go Meh is a closing celebration in the series of Chinese New Year celebrations. Precisely on the 15th day of the first month in the Chinese calendar. In the past, this celebration took place in a closed manner, attended only by court families and certain circles. After the Han Dynasty government ended, this celebration became more open to the public.

As the closing ceremony in the series of Chinese New Year celebrations, Cap Go Meh is celebrated lively with performances of various vibrant lantern arts and decorations. A big banquet is held to share happiness. At this celebration, the community merges in mutual joy.

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