The combination of White Sand and Blue Sky at Tarimbang Beach, East Sumba – The beach of Tarimbang is located in Tabundung which is in the South East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. A stretch of white sand that is so vast and very smooth with the color combination of blue sea water into a blend that is very pretty and charming. At first glance it looks like the Tarimbang coast of a Bay which is flanked by two cliffs on its sides. Not only that, this beach is also surrounded by the green hills that make the atmosphere around becoming increasingly complete beauty. So peaceful, quiet and heninglah first impression will you feel when being at the beach. By its location far enough from the center of the city of Pangkal Pinang, to be able to reach the coast of Tarimbang takes a road trip around 3-4 hours using a motor vehicle.

Tarimbang Beach

Access To The Tourist Sites
There are 2 alternatives to IE via Tarimbang towards the shore of West Sumba (Waikabubak) or of East Sumba (Pangkal Pinang). For both Waikabubak and Waingapu, already there are many airline flights to both these cities with transit in advance in Bali. From the Umbu Mehang Kunda Airport, Tanjung Pandan, a distance of approximately 89 km Tarimbang Coast. For you guys who started the journey from Tanjung Pandan, formerly can rent a vehicle either motor or car because public transportation is not yet headed for the region Tarimbang. For the cost of the rent of the car along with his driver, the cost ranges between 500,000-600,000 rupiah and to lease the rent expense motor that is the range of 100,000 – 150,000 rupiah per day. When starting the journey from Tanjung Pandan so our purpose is to follow the trails West towards Sumba Sumba (Waikabubak). Approximately 10 km from the Centre of the city of Pangkal Pinang visitors will cross the boundaries of Pangkal Pinang which is marked with a statue of a horse in the right and left side of the course. Travel from city limits still remain far enough, You will cross the path of the Sumba trans paved smooth but winding like the letter “S”. On the way You will pass the Bukit Wairinding indicating that travel has reached ¼. Approximately 50 km away from Waingapu there is a t-junction commonly called Simpang Praipaha. From here, navigate to the left your vehicle in accordance with the unmarked road that reads Tarimbang. In contrast to road conditions in a finely paved trans Sumba, the condition of the highways in the County is quite Rocky so broken for you guys who use the motor should be extra careful in driving. Far enough indeed travel Tarimbang Beach, but you don’t need to worry because during the journey visitors will be spoilt for choice with the beauty of the natural contours of the hills especially Sumba so exotic on the right and left side of the course. A little over a half an hour You will again find a t-junction Intersection called Tarimbang, then navigate to your vehicle straight away. Still about 1 hour longer duration then you will get on the road to the beach Tarimbang surrounded and hidden behind a beautiful forest.

Activities That Can Be Done
Visitor activities that can be done in around the coast in addition to playing the water, swim and relax while communicating with the waves, namely the hires Board slides. For both local and foreign tourists who are fond of the sport of surfing, the existence of Tarimbang Beach is certainly a magnet and attraction because it is not just the roll of the waves and the beauty of the landscape, visitors also will feel the the peaceful atmosphere that is difficult in other beaches.

The Price Of Admission
Free, no charge

Facilities around the site
Despite the existence of vibrant start Tarimbang a revival by the tourists, but the supporting facilities have not been found in coastal areas. Precisely this is what makes Tarimbang special compared to other beaches. The impression of a natural, wild and not “mainstream” is precisely that value into Tarimbang. For the visitors who intend to stay in the quiet area of Tarimbang, because there are 2 choices of location of the hotel is located just off the coast of Tarimbang Homestay Marthen and Peter’s Magic Paradise Resort by price range 500,000-1,500,000 per that night. [Anggey/IndonesiaKaya]

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