East Kalimantan Cave
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Dive On the Haji Mangku Cave in Maratua – The various attractions offered by Derawan Islands are indeed tempting every tourist, both those from Kalimantan Island and outside the island to visit it. Starting from the beauty of the marine life, the charming Gili islands, the Maratua Paradise Resort which is like the Maldives of Indonesia to the stingless jellyfish lake on […]

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Riam Dait
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Riam Dait, Beautiful 7 Level Waterfall in West Kalimantan – West Kalimantan is known as the province of ‘a thousand rivers’. Where hundreds of large and small rivers are found, some of which can be navigated. The geographical condition of West Kalimantan which is filled with river flows. And also the effects of vertical erosion, causes many waterfalls to spread across the province. […]

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Flowing beauty of the Kambaniru Dam, East Sumba – East Sumba Regency with its capital, Waingapu, is known for its slogan, “Matawai Amahu Pada Njara Hamu”, which means clear springs and green horse grasslands. This nickname is indeed very appropriate to describe natural resources in East Sumba. The climate in Sumba which tends to have a dry season is longer than the […]

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The combination of White Sand and Blue Sky at Tarimbang Beach, East Sumba – The beach of Tarimbang is located in Tabundung which is in the South East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara. A stretch of white sand that is so vast and very smooth with the color combination of blue sea water into a blend that is very pretty and charming. At first glance it looks like […]

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Baluran National Park Situbondo, Little Africa in Indonesia – No need to go far to Africa to enjoy the savanna scenery. We can find it in Indonesia, precisely in Baluran National Park, East Java. Tourist attractions in Situbondo Regency are very exotic, can be an unforgettable adventure location. The park which is located on the east end of Java Island is nicknamed […]

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Monte Hair (Rambut Monte), Nature and Cultural Tourism in Blitar District – Rambut Monte is a tourist area in the form of lake, petilasan, and temple inherited from the Majapahit Kingdom. Located on the slopes of Mount Kawi, this tourist destination offers soothing natural beauty. This tourist attraction is located in Krisik Village, Gandusari District, Blitar. The distance is about 30 km from Blitar City, […]

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Bay of Triton, Hidden heaven in Papua – Speaking of Kaimana, it certainly cannot be separated from the natural beauty of the sea and its weapons. No wonder, if the beauty of the twilight in Kaimana is immortalized in an old song titled “Twilight at Kaimana” sung by Alfian. Indeed the beauty of nature in West Papua, especially in Kaimana is […]

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Togean Islands, Central Sulawesi, Underwater Beauty – Togean Islands National Park in Tomini Bay, including in Tojo Una-una District, Central Sulawesi. This area is known to have the beauty of coral reefs and various rare marine biota, most of which are included in the protected category. Most likely, tourists can see dolphins and whales that often enter the waters of […]

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Short Story of Vredeburg Fortress in Yogyakarta – Yogyakarta is one of the cities dubbed as a miniature of Indonesia, because almost all Indonesian people live there. Regardless of all that Jogja also has a long history in the establishment of the country of Indonesia, from that it is found many historical relics ranging from buildings to various kinds of weapons […]

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Ijo Temple, The Beauty of a Hindu Temple Located at Altitude

The Ijo Temple complex is part of the Prambanan Temple group. Formerly, this temple was a place of worship of the Shiva Muslims. Judging from his profile, most likely this temple was built in the VIII-X M century, precisely during the Medang or Mataram Hindu kingdom. In other words, this temple is more than 1000 […]

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