Monte Hair (Rambut Monte), Nature and Cultural Tourism in Blitar District – Rambut Monte is a tourist area in the form of lake, petilasan, and temple inherited from the Majapahit Kingdom. Located on the slopes of Mount Kawi, this tourist destination offers soothing natural beauty.

Rambut Monte

This tourist attraction is located in Krisik Village, Gandusari District, Blitar. The distance is about 30 km from Blitar City, can be reached in 40-60 minutes by motorized vehicle. Along the way, tourists will be presented with a beautiful view of the stretch of Bantaran tea plantations.

Monte Hair Temple

When we enter this area, the first place we meet is the temple. Small and composed of andesite, the building of the Rambut Monte Temple is no longer intact.

Next to the temple, there is a loni yoni statue as a symbol of fertility. A sacred atmosphere is felt in this place. Former incense and sprinkling of flowers into these relics are often used as a place of meditation.

Under the temple there is a lake that is the mainstay of this tourist area. The lake is a habitat for sengkaring fish, a type of fish belonging to the ancient category. Residents say the fishes are brownish gray and firmly scaly as a god fish. The fish is considered sacred so it should not be taken or lured.

Visitors are also not allowed to swim in the lake sacred by the local community. For visitors who want to swim, a separate pool is provided.

Dewa Fish in Telaga Monte Signs
Sengkaring fish at Telaga Rambut Monte. Local people call it the Dewa Ikan. (Photo:
This area is known as petilasan from Mbah Rambut Monte, a local village ancestor. That said, a figure who was highly respected by the people there was still a descendant of the Majapahit Kingdom. In his honor, a tradition of clean villages has been carried out in the Petilasan Rambut Monte region.

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