Pemaka Tradition, Guest Welcoming Ceremony in West Manggarai – Pemaka tradition is a way of traditional elders throughout West Manggarai Regency to welcome guests visiting villages. This tradition only exists in the West Manggarai region, not elsewhere.


As reported by, not all guests are welcomed by the Pemaka Tradition. Only special guests, such as governors, regents, bishops, newly ordained priests and national officials, are welcomed by the Pemaka Tradition.

At the time of the lights, this tradition was carried out to welcome the King and Dalu who visited villages throughout West Manggarai. Now, even though those who hold Raja and Dalu are not in this area, this ancestral heritage is still well preserved in the villages.

The series of Pemaka Traditions begins with the Kepok Kapu Tradition. This tradition is carried out as an initial reception for guests who visit villages when there are religious ceremonies, state ceremonies, or traditional rituals that are attended by local leaders, both from religious institutions and the government.

In this tradition, white cock is used as a symbol of community sincerity. The elders held the chicken while speaking phrases in the local language as traditional greetings.

Apart from white roosters, there are also local tuak or moke which are placed in a container called tawu.

The series of events then continued with draping Songke Scarves to special guests. Those who are trusted to do this task are women.

The culmination of the Pemaka Tradition is when the traditional elders take out an indigenous keris on their waist. The traditional kris is plugged into the ground and then shown to the sky.

The traditional kris was then directed to the guests who were welcomed, while repeatedly stomping back and forth. This was done as a sign of respect for guests who came to visit the place.

Not everyone can bring the Tradition of the One. Only certain traditional elders can bring the tradition of welcoming this guest.

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