Cenderawasih, A Rare, Beautiful Bird from Papua

Helloindonesia.id – This type of bird has a bright fur color and contrast: red, brown, yellow, the underside of the green beak, and long tail white fur. When flying, wing feathers open like a beautiful fan. He is a bird that is famous because of its beauty, paradise.


Cenderawasih represents another unique feature of the archipelago, namely its connection with the Melanesian-Pacific region. Its distribution mainly covers West Papua (Indonesia), Papua New Guinea, and Eastern Australia. Birds included in the genus Paradisaeidae consist of 14 genera with 43 species. At least 30 species in Indonesia.

Tribes in the provinces of Papua and West Papua highly value birds called bird of paradise and make them cultural symbols, symbols of brotherhood, and symbols of preservation.

In the past, bird of paradise feathers were sold as hat decorations for European women. The fur is indeed very beautiful, especially the male. That is why this bird is called the bird of heaven. This made him a target for poachers.

The existence of poaching is what causes the number of birds of paradise to shrink further. The situation worsened with the illegal logging in the forest that was their habitat.

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