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The uniqueness of Maluku traditional clothing – Talking about Indonesia’s cultural diversity is truly endless. Starting from traditional events, food, traditions, to traditional clothing is a cultural wealth that is owned by Indonesia. For ordinary people, only one tribe has a culture that is so rich and complicated enough to learn, moreover all ethnic groups and ethnicities can number thousands. […]

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Ronggeng Gunung, Traditional Arts Community of Ciamis-Pangandaran – Ronggeng Gunung art grows and develops in Ciamis and Pangandaran, West Java. In the past, this traditional dance was performed to welcome guests visiting the Galuh Kingdom. After the collapse of the Kingdom of Galuh, the art of mountain ronggeng changed its function, which was held on various celebratory occasions, including at wedding […]

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Pemaka Tradition, Guest Welcoming Ceremony in West Manggarai – Pemaka tradition is a way of traditional elders throughout West Manggarai Regency to welcome guests visiting villages. This tradition only exists in the West Manggarai region, not elsewhere. As reported by, not all guests are welcomed by the Pemaka Tradition. Only special guests, such as governors, regents, bishops, newly ordained priests and […]

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Baliem Valley Festival – The Baliem Valley Festival is an annual event held in a field in the foothills of the Walesi District, Wamena, Jayawijaya, Papua. The festival which involved representatives of 40 districts from all of Wamena was first held in 1989. Formerly the Baliem Valley Festival was a war event between Dani, Lani, and Yali […]

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Badik, Traditional Weapon of South Sulawesi Communities – Badik is one of the traditional weapons that became cultural identity of Malay tribes in South Sulawesi, such as the Bugis, Makassar, and Mandar tribes. In the Ancient Luwu era, badik was known as kalio. At that time, Kalio was used more as an agricultural tool and self defense. However, as time went […]

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Nganggung tradition in Bangka Belitung

is a hereditary tradition that can only be found in Bangka. Because the nganggung tradition is a Bangka identity, in accordance with the slogan Sepintu Sedulang, which reflects the nature of mutual cooperation, the same weight is carried lightly and equally carried. In this event, every family head brings dulang, a kind of round tray […]

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