maluku traditional dress – Talking about Indonesia’s cultural diversity is truly endless. Starting from traditional events, food, traditions, to traditional clothing is a cultural wealth that is owned by Indonesia. For ordinary people, only one tribe has a culture that is so rich and complicated enough to learn, moreover all ethnic groups and ethnicities can number thousands. One culture that can clearly be directly seen and is a special feature of one tribe is traditional clothing.

maluku traditional dress
maluku traditional dress

Maluku traditional clothing is an interesting one for us to study further. Actually, Maluku traditional clothing is not only one type because each region in Maluku has its own characteristics. However, this time we will examine more about Maluku traditional clothing in general and are widely known in all parts of the Maluku region. This traditional outfit actually looks quite simple, not as complicated as Balinese or Javanese traditional clothes but still classy and has an interesting style. This traditional dress is known as the Cele Shirt or Salele Cloth.

The main characteristic of this Cele shirt is the pattern of lines that form the shape of small boxes. This cloth is quite thick but still comfortable for everyday use. For women, usually a Cele shirt is worn with a combination of other parts such as a sarong whose color is not too different or with kebaya that is characteristic of Indonesian women’s clothing. As for men, the Cele shirt is usually shaped like a suit that is worn casually with a shirt as a coat. For his pants, men wear ordinary formal trousers that are black or in line with their Cele. Generally, the color of the Cele Shirt is bright red with a gold or silver motif. As footwear, Vantovel black shoes are usually the top choice for men and women.

For women, there are several other things that complement this Customary Clothing. The first is condoms. Actually the conduit used is a conde that is similar to a condo in Java in general, except that there are some differences in the accessories supporting the condominium. Condes made of or resembling gold and silver are called Haspels. These accessories are also combined with 4 pieces of ears and shaped like a flower. Do not forget the comb is placed in the middle of the bed. Finally, Ron’s flower is looped on a bun and is usually made of cork.

The next interesting thing found in traditional women’s clothing is the Lenso fabric. This cloth is actually a handkerchief cloth placed on the shoulders as clothing accessories. Usually Lenso cloth is glued using a pin. The existence of this Lenso fabric is actually a tradition that has influence from Dutch culture. If we look at Dutch or European women in general in the past, usually they always carry a handkerchief in one hand as an accessory that complements the main outfit.

Moluccas traditional clothing does seem to have a lot of influence from European clothing. However, this traditional dress is still of high cultural value and is representative of the whole Maluku culture. Usually these traditional clothes are worn on traditional ceremonies such as the Washing of the Land, Panas Pela, or the Inauguration of the King in a village, but it is not uncommon for the community to use them on family events such as marriage or routine activities such as worshiping the Church.

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