Riam Dait

Helloindonesia.id – West Kalimantan is known as the province of ‘a thousand rivers’. Where hundreds of large and small rivers are found, some of which can be navigated. The geographical condition of West Kalimantan which is filled with river flows. And also the effects of vertical erosion, causes many waterfalls to spread across the province. There are dozens of waterfalls with various uniqueness scattered around Sintang, Bengkayang, Ngabang and several other areas.

Far in the northeast corner of Pontianak City. Hidden 7 levels of waterfalls formed from the fault of the Dait River. Riam Dait’s name, or often called Remabu Waterfall by local residents. This unique waterfall is located in Skendal Village, Air Besar District, Landak Regency. Can be accessed from the City of Ngabang or can also pass Tayan District.

Travel to Riam Dait waterfall

Its location is far in remote Pontianak City. So it requires quite a long time to arrive at this 7-level waterfall. About 6 hours of the time required by visitors when starting the journey from the city of Pontianak. Please note, when compared with the distance from Pontianak, the location of this waterfall is much closer than Entikong which is the border of the Republic of Indonesia with Malaysia.

Arriving at the first level of the waterfall, the visitors will be spoiled by the beautiful natural landscape. A towering waterfall with lush trees surrounding the cascade will amaze your eyes. In addition, there is a stretch of white sand around it that is not necessarily found in other waterfalls. Surely it would be more exciting if camping in this area, the sensation is almost the same as camping on the beach because of the white sand. Camping options are also very appropriate, because with it can explore the other 6 cascades with more flexible time.

To get to the next level, there are tracks that are still somewhat closed and some short cliffs that require visitors to climb. The easiest to reach is waterfalls level 2 and 3, starting from level 4 to level 7, where the tracks are difficult because they are rarely visited. The splash of water makes the Dait Riam Sand Charm and lush green trees around it will make the eyes of the visitors chuckle in admiration.

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