Bukit Raya

Navigating jungle at the mountains of Bukit Raya

Helloindonesia.id – Gunung Bukit Raya is one of the mountains in the series of 7 highest mountains in Indonesia (7 Summits of Indonesia) representing mountains on the island of Borneo, including the Bukit Baka Bukit Raya National Park in West Kalimantan. This National Park has become one part of the Muller-Schwaner mountain range with its highest peak, Kakam Peak with an altitude of 2,278 meters above sea level. Among the other highest mountains, Gunung Bukit Raya is a mountain that is rarely climbed and is the most expensive after Mount Carstensz Pyramid in Papua, this is due to its very remote location and also requires various modes of transportation to get to its climbing point.

Path to Bukit Raya

This mountain can be reached through two paths in two different provinces, namely Kasongan Village in Central Kalimantan and Rantau Malam Village in West Kalimantan. The Rantau Malam route is more often chosen by climbers compared to the Kasongan route, because climbing information through this path is clearer, as well as the transportation used to reach the Rantau Malam Village is easier to obtain. From Pontianak, climbers must travel overland to Nanga Pinoh, after that changing modes of transportation into a speed boat that is used to sail the Melawi River to Serawai, Jelundung and Rantau Malam.

Bukit Raya
Bukit Raya

The climb starts from the TNBB-BR Resort in Rantau Malam, or to shorten the time of the climb can also use the motorcycle taxi service to the Korong HP post. Uniquely, before the climb begins, it is required to perform a traditional ritual called ‘Ngukuih Hajat’. This traditional ritual is intended to strengthen the enthusiasm of the climbers so that they are always given the safety and strength of the birth and heart during the climb until it returns. The Bukit Bukit Raya climbing route is arguably still very tight and minimal guidance, therefore a guide service is needed to facilitate the ascent of the climb. In one year, no more than 50 registered groups make the climb to this mountain.

Rarely touched by climbers, Mount Bukit Raya forest is still very sustainable and maintained its flora and fauna habitat. There are more than 800 species of plants from various families, one of which is the beautiful Rhododendron flower which is an endemic plant in this region. Various types of ballet, wasps, and other wild animals become a challenge to climb this mountain. Don’t expect beautiful views with a vast sea of ​​clouds, or green savannahs with blue skies that can add to your enthusiasm during the climb. During 5 days of climbing, towering meeting trees will be faithful to accompany you. Although the path is fairly gentle, there will be many small steps that require climbers to walk up and down-and back up, which of course will be very physical torture of the climbers. A rock cliff that is high enough to be a sign that the peak is approaching. Vegetation also turned into a moss forest with full roots and tree trunks blocking the climbing track.

And soon it will arrive at the highest peak of this mountain, the Peak of Kakam with an altitude of 2,278 meters above sea level. Although almost all of these mountain zones enter the West Kalimantan region, the peak is in the Central Kalimantan region. Unlike the usual mountain peaks, Kakam Peak is just a field that is still covered in trees. The only option to be able to see a view of the typical tropical forests of Borneo is to climb a tree.

Nature is still very awake its authenticity, as well as various kinds of obstacles that can be found on Mount Bukit Raya, this mountain is certain to be a suitable place for nature activists who love challenging adventures.

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