Helloindonesia.id – East Sumba Regency with its capital, Waingapu, is known for its slogan, “Matawai Amahu Pada Njara Hamu”, which means clear springs and green horse grasslands. This nickname is indeed very appropriate to describe natural resources in East Sumba. The climate in Sumba which tends to have a dry season is longer than the rainy season, it turns out it has a spring that flows beautifully in the midst of its exotic hills. The Kambaniru Dam is named. Kambaniru Dam or better known as Lamba Napu Dam by the local community, is located in Lamba Napu Village, Kambera District, East Sumba, East Nusa Tenggara.


This dam was built and designed with the aim of irrigating the rice fields of the surrounding residents, namely: Mauliru, Kawangu and Kambaniru. Founded on September 8, 1992, Kambaniru Dam is the largest dam in East Sumba which irrigates almost 1,440 hectares of rice fields. The 1,000 hectare area is allocated for rice fields and the rest is used for crops. But in the dry season, the water discharge in the dam will decrease dramatically so that the irrigated land is certainly not as much as during the rainy season. In addition to the abundant water, it turns out that in the river that has formed this dam there are also many freshwater fish that anyone can fishing for.

Access to Tourist Locations

Access to the Kambaniru Dam is quite easy to reach and very close to the center of Waingapu City, which is only about 10km away. Visitors do not need to be afraid of getting lost, just follow the directions of the directions printed on the signpost or if they are in doubt, they can ask the people around the dam location. From Waingapu, you will find an intersection and then turn your vehicle turn left towards the dam. During the trip visitors will be presented with a stretch of rice fields surrounding residents, hills and pets such as horses and cows. Approximately 15 minutes drive from the previous T-junction, on the left side of the road visitors will be immediately greeted by the roar of the water that falls from a height in the Kambaniru Dam.

Because there is no public transport directly to the location of the dam, visitors can use motorcycle taxi services or rent a vehicle from Waingapu. The cost of renting a car in the city ranges from 300,000-400,000 rupiah and for motorbike rental costs around 100,000-150,000 rupiah per day.

The beauty of the background in the form of beautiful green hills is the main attraction for the Kambaniru Dam. The combination of the dam’s water flow and the green of the hills is truly a composition that really spoils the eyes of its visitors. On top of the flow of dams that flow quite heavily in this rainy season, there is also an iron bridge that stretches long enough to connect the two local villages around the dam. Visitors can cross this iron bridge to just see the view of the river and hills from a height. Or if you are not satisfied, visitors can also climb one of the hills around the dam to see a 360-degree natural panorama from a height. The air is cool and the roar of the water roars, making visitors feel at home for long there. For those who enjoy the beauty of the Kambaniru Dam in different ways, they can also rent a local fishing boat to wade through the river along the Kambaniru Dam stream.

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