Helloindonesia.idYogyakarta is one of the cities dubbed as a miniature of Indonesia, because almost all Indonesian people live there. Regardless of all that Jogja also has a long history in the establishment of the country of Indonesia, from that it is found many historical relics ranging from buildings to various kinds of weapons of war. following a little story one of the historical buildings in the city of Yogyakarta. namely vredeburg fort.

Jogja tourist attractions do have a variety of unique, historical, and distinctive beauty. If you come to Yogyakarta it’s not complete if you haven’t visited Jalan Malioboro. But it’s also incomplete if you don’t visit other tourist attractions around it, such as Smart Park, Vredeburg Fort, Beringharjo Market, etc.

Fort Vredeburg Jogja is a building located opposite the Presidential Palace. The building is one of the buildings that become a tourist location of Jogja which is on Jalan A. Yani or in the Zero Kilometer area of ​​Yogyakarta and is located in a section with Jalan Malioboro. This building was originally famous for the name Benteng Rustenburg which was built around the 1760s.

The history of the establishment of Fort Vredeburg, proposed by the Netherlands through the envoy of the Governor WH Van Ossenberch, with the aim of maintaining the stability and security of the Government of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. It took 5 years to realize the idea from the Netherlands, because they had to wait for the blessing of Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono I. Development Vredeburg Fort is actually just perfecting an existing building, Benteng Rustenburg. Frans Haak was the architect who was assigned to lead the construction of Vredeburg Fort in Yogyakarta. Then the name Benteng Rustenburg was renamed as Benteng Vredeburg Yogyakarta, which had the meaning of Peace.

The plan of Fort Vredeburg Jogja is square and its location is westward. There is a bridge before entering the main gate, it is used as the main connecting lane which is used as a way to enter and exit Vredeburg Fortress in Yogyakarta. The entrance gate of this fort has the characteristic of classical European architecture (Roman Greek). This is evident from the tympanium section there are four Doric-style supporting pillars.

Actually Fort Vredeburg is the official property of the Sultanate of Yogyakarta. However, in the interests of the Netherlands, Fort Vredeburg Yogyakarta finally transferred ownership to the Dutch Government (VOC) under the supervision of Nicolaas Harting (Governor of the North Coast Director). Originally (original) condition Fort Vredeburg Yogyakarta is actually surrounded by trenches which serve as a form of initial defense from enemy attacks. Whereas currently only part of the ditch is left at the front of the main gate and functioned as drainage.

Until now, we can still find bastions located at the corners of the fort. Among them are the names of the bastions Jayapurusa (northeast), Jayawisesa (northwest), Jayaprayitna (southeast), and Jayaprokosaningprang (southwest). While on the inside of Fort Vredeburg in Yogyakarta, there is a building called the South and North Pengapit. It was previously estimated that this building was used as an administrative office.

Since the establishment of Fort Vredeburg in Yogyakarta, it has changed its function several times, as you know at this time. Vredeburg Fortress is used as one of the museums in Yogyakarta. This building can also be an alternative and at the same time you enter in the list of Yogyakarta tourist attractions that you will visit.

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