Ta’a shirt, traditional women's clothing in northern Kalimantan

Helloindonesia.id – Ta’a clothing is a traditional dress worn specifically by Dayak women in Borneo. This outfit is made of black velvet fabric with knick-knacks or decoration in the form of sewn beads. Ta’a consists of a boss with a model resembling a vest (without sleeves), a subordinate in the form of a skirt with the same color and motif, and a head covering decorated with hornbill feathers, and other accessories such as bracelets, necklaces and beads.

The vest and Ta’a skirt motif is very thick with a mix of striking colors like white, green, blue, red, and other colors that are in sharp contrast to the color of the vest fabric. On the chest and arms are equipped tassel with the same color motif.

The main difference between Sapei Sapaq and Taa clothes lies in their motives. For North Kalimantan traditional clothing motifs, both on Ta’a and Sapei Sapaq clothes are actually divided into 3, namely hornbill motifs, tiger or other animal motifs, and plant motifs.

Clothes with hornbill motifs and tigers are usually intended for nobles, while clothes with plant motifs are intended for ordinary people.

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