Helloindonesia.id – Speaking of Kaimana, it certainly cannot be separated from the natural beauty of the sea and its weapons. No wonder, if the beauty of the twilight in Kaimana is immortalized in an old song titled “Twilight at Kaimana” sung by Alfian.

Indeed the beauty of nature in West Papua, especially in Kaimana is endless. Kaimana, which is partially surrounded by towering mountains and seas with uninhabited small islands with white sand beaches, makes Kaimana’s beauty so exotic. Kaimana is not only beautiful with its weapons, but also with nature and its marine tourism.

Visiting Kaimana, the plane you are riding in will land at Utarom Airport which is the main gate to enter Kaimana. When you enter the arrival hall of the airport terminal, you can find a variety of tourist destinations in the area, one of which is Triton Bay which is a tourist icon in Kaimana.
Triton Bay is a cluster of small islands with beautiful karst stones. The beauty of the Gulf of Triton is more beautiful than Raja Ampat which is both in West Papua and has already been famous in the world. The beauty of the sea of ​​Triton Bay has been recognized by many tourists who visit directly there and admit that Triton is more beautiful than Raja Ampat. Indeed, the form of Triton Bay is not much different from Raja Ampat. Many people say that Triton Bay is Kaimana’s Raja Ampat. Even many tourists say that Triton Bay is a hidden paradise in West Papua.

Getting to Triton Bay from Kaimana can be reached by using a fast boat with a rental fee of IDR 5,000,000 departing and returning including the captain. Crossing from Kaimana to Triton Bay only takes two hours to travel. At Triton, tourists can not only enjoy the beauty of the underwater world, but if they are lucky, tourists can swim with spotted whales. In Teluk Triton there are also resorts that are managed by foreigners, making tourists visiting Triton and want to stay even easier.

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