Sessat House – When visiting Lampung, it is very easy to find traditional houses that stand on either side of the road. Traditional houses on stilts are usually made of wood and have large poles. This is sessat, the provincial traditional house that is identical to elephants.

Sessat House
Sessat House

It’s just that, as time goes by, many houses are no longer built on pillars (depok). Sessat houses like this have a dirt floor.

In general, the shape of residential buildings in the environment of the indigenous Lampung community is arguably quite diverse. This diversity can be seen from the patterns and art of carpentry used.

As a place to live, the form of building houses in Lampung indigenous people at a glance has similarities with the houses on stilts that exist on the island of Sumatra in general. Although civilization has more or less brought changes to the form of houses that currently exist.
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