Talking about the natural wealth of Indonesia of course you should be proud, the beauty and natural wealth ranging from sea, beach, mountain, to forest all owned by Indonesia. What does Indonesia not have? Snow? Indonesia has the highest mountain located in Papua, where on the mountain there is snow and you need to know that Papua also has the same animal kangaroos that exist in Australia. Is not it amazing?

For Indonesian youth, it is obligatory to be proud and have nationalism growing inside. Why? Because, you who will continue this nation in the future. To lead Indonesia into a developed country and competing with other countries is the spirit of nationalism that grows based on Pancasila.

Discussing nationalism, today many Indonesian youths are lacking in strengthening the spirit of nationalism within themselves. Moreover, nowadays technological progress is getting more sophisticated, and the number of foreign cultures that enter Indonesia. To keep you in the spirit of nationalism, you should do these 7 things:

1. Love Indonesian Products
Indonesia not only has a diversity of culture and nature, but also has a quality product. Many of the original products of Indonesia are in demand by foreign countries, call it batik that has now been worldwide. As an Indonesian youth you should love Indonesian products.

2. Remembering the Hero Service
Great nation is a nation that can appreciate all the services of heroes. Without the services of the fighters, your life may not be as good today. Therefore, as an Indonesian youth must be able to remember and appreciate what has been championed by heroes.

3. Proud of the Language it Owns
Bahasa Indonesia is a beautiful language with a perfect and varied vocabulary. In addition, the Indonesian language is one of the languages ​​of great interest by foreigners to learn. In fact, there are 45 countries in the world who are interested to learn it and included in the 10 most widely used languages ​​in the world and very popular in Australia, and became the second official language in Vietnam.

4. Learning & Achieving
Indonesian youth must be able to bring the name of the nation wherever you are, to be able to scent the nation of Indonesia. You can start by learning in all things both formal and non-formal education, as well as achieving in any field that makes Indonesia as a country to be proud of in the eyes of the world.
5. Have a Polite Behavior
Having knowledge and myriad skills should be balanced with polite behavior. As young Indonesians and youth make it a habit to be friendly, courteous and appreciative of whoever you meet. In addition to the growing sense of caring among others, which can be done with a simple thing. Like, throwing garbage in place, protecting the environment, tolerating interfaith believers, and other things.

6. Consistently Obey the Rule
One form of nationalism is by obeying the rules that exist within the country, no matter how small the rules there is no harm to you obey. Any form of regulation is made to regulate the country in accordance with its corridor, without incriminating any party.

7. Democratic
Understanding the differences between religious people, and solving all problems by way of deliberation are the traits you have in the spirit of democracy. Indonesian youth must have a democratic spirit, in order to be able to respect each other in all forms. Like the basic concept of Pancasila is Bhineka Tunggal Ika, though different but still one.
8. Support each other
mutual support is one thing that is pernting to do, in this case is the context in good terms. mutual support in research, in the work, in maintaining nature, in managing natural tourism resources and others. when can cooperate gotong royong sure all aakn runs easier, and will be lighter.

As an Indonesian young man who will build the future, it is fitting to have a soul of nationalism that grows and develops in the heart. With so many foreign cultures coming into the life of Indonesian youth, it should increasingly make nationalism’s attitude stronger. For that young Indonesians should do the 8 things above as proof of your nationalism is still there for Indonesia.

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