okay before we start I love to know first why many of us are not persistent and consistent in our hobby, or our business. sometimes when we are already up front and then comes the feeling of laziness, and the old alma stops. well here are 10 ways that make you not lazy in the work.

1. Wake up morning / Time management

maybe waking up is one of the hard things for us all, but do you know when we can pray at dawn on time, and still plenty of time in the morning. because the morning is the time where our brain is still fresh and ready to be invited to think things creative. for those of you who hobby writing certainly most comfortable when writing in the morning or early morning. try you think, when late wake up, it would be more lazy to beraqktifitas, mental will come down, and will feel afraid to try or face something. Good time management can also maximize work. when the time we have to spend special we guankan routine then insyallh also will not interfere with other work.

2. Make a list of jobs

list of jobs, or list that will be done is very important, why? because with his list of jobs will be more organized, will be more focused. such as a lot of work that must be done and we do not focus then it could be none of the work we managed to finish. when there is a schedule and list then we will focus on doing one by one for the list we have written and do it. and will be more organized.

3. Make a reminder or alarm

when doing something in your spare time make sure you set up an alarm, useful for limiting your work time, to be on schedule. or for example want to familiarize yourself every dawn to make writing, or ngerjain that kalain like. if for example have been accustomed also surely can make good habit and persistensi high. if in my opinion there is no yhang name failed in the fight, whether we are consistent or not.

4. Self-appreciation

whether it is self-appreciation, self-appreciation is to reward ourselves for what we have done, or it can be said to reward ourselves. eg underarms we have worked and feel lelalh, occasionally entertain ourselves with eg go to the food we like, buy something that we susa, read books read novel. treat yourself occasionally, so we also do not feel bored, so we can motivate ourselves.

5. Specify deadline

lohh own work kok in love deadline, ehh make no mistake why deadline is important. when a plan does not have a dead line, it will certainly make us postpone the job, and the reverse when a plan has no deadline there will be a sense of responsibility, must be completed early and on time, and again so as not to interfere with other work.

6. Look for an environment that can motivate yourself

environment, is one factor that is very influential on the spirit and creativity of a person. imagine when we work in the environment with temprament people, and can not appreciate what they are doing. it would be sangant disturbing, start is looking for friends who can mensuport what you do. thank goodness friends who can memabantu and cooperate in doing your business.

if misalakn doing hobby at home make sure your work environment is comfortable, as you want. messy no matter wkwkwk the important comfortable

7. Plan the solution to your failure and success

how important a plan is, including plans when dealing with failures and backup plans. and do not forget the plan when it works. the armpit of a plan has been prepared then anything that happens certainly will not panic, when all the possibility of failure is in the ready, then the armpit menumui failure no down, or lost motivation. the opposite is when it succeeds then we will know how we have to manage that success.

8. Record any obstacles

note the things that feel will be an obstacle, and from the note that we can find out the solution, so that focus on things that will become obstacles later, for example we will start a business, and already have a record of what are the difficulties that may occur. we can install or start to find out the settlement. so do not spend time during the process or implementation

9. Consistent

Try to be consistent, when a matter has become a habit will be routine can be done. On the contrary if there is one time negligent, surely a sense of laziness will smekain big. that is why constancy is very important in making a work, or in achieving achievement.

10. Prayers Timely

Well, all of the above descriptions will return to one very important thing when we are¬†already tried, there is one thing we must do. is to pray. in this case I describe with prayer, when we work and can pray in time and true certainly what we do can be calm and given smoothness. because the estuary of human hope is only back to God. do not leave what has been ordered.nah little explanation of me, a little writing in today’s next we try explora many things about the spirit, motivation, achievement of children of this country

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