Things you need to know during Nyepi day Hindu Indonesia

Pura Ulun Danu Bratan , DI bali
Pura Ulun Danu Bratan , DI bali

hello friends, who do not know about what is commonly done during the feast day nyepi for hindu people in this country, please can refer to my brief description below.

When Nyepi Day Hindus in Indonesia will undergo some taboos. The predominantly Hindu island of Bali will cease activities on Nyepi Day.

If you want to spend vacation time in Bali on Nyepi Day this year, Tuesday (28/3/2017), it’s good to obey and respect some rules of the local population, as follows.

1. Hindu Prayer on Nyepi Day

When Nyepi, Hindus do a tapa brata penyepian or four abstinence consisting of observe the work (not work), observe the crane (not traveling), observe geni (do not light a fire), and observe the auction (not fun).

Not the fun that will be most felt for the tourists. Because, even immigrants are not allowed to stroll out of the inn during Nyepi.

2. The timing of Nyepi

Nyepi lasts for 24 hours since sunrise or usually starts at 06.00 am. Tapa brata penyepian finished at 06.00 am the next day.

3. Buy transportation tickets before or after Nyepi

Do not be desperate to come or go from Bali when Nyepi date. Because both airports, ports, and terminals are all not operating.

Buy tickets before or after Nyepi day. However, there is usually no ticket for that date. So calculate your tour time carefully.

4. Prohibited out of the inn

Even so does not mean tourists can not get out of hotel rooms, streets are only allowed in the hotel environment.

5. Noisy noisy

Respect local residents with no noise nor set high volume on electronics.

6. Turn on limited lighting

Night is allowed to turn on hotel room lights. However, if the hotel room has a balcony, do not turn on the balcony lights.

In addition, turn on one or two room lights. Make the lighting of the room dim or not too bright. The room curtain must also be tightly closed so no lights are visible from the outside.

7. Prepare lunch

During Nyepi all shops are closed, there’s nothing wrong the day before nyepi to prepare food, snacks, and drugs.

8. Choose a hotel with a meal plan

Usually when Nyepi hotel in Bali will prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner package. But it is better to ask the hotel before booking room.

9. If the pain during Nyepi

Immediately inform the hotel clerk to call the nearest hospital. Later, the hospital ambulance will pick you up. Therefore, vehicles that are allowed to travel during Nyepi only ambulance.

10. Honor the ceremonial procession

There is no prohibition to participate in traditional ceremonies in Bali. Therefore, respect the traditional ceremonies with their dress and dress modestly.

For example, when Melasti is on the beach, do not walk in front of a group of people. Remember not to step over the offerings that you have just envisioned. Portrait in a distance that is not too close to disturb the reverence of a religious ceremony.

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