Habibie Ainun

For the Indonesian people, of course, they already know the figure of Mr. Baharuddin Jusuf Habibie, the 3rd President of the Republic of Indonesia. His love story with his late wife, Ainun Habibie’s mother who was told through a big screen a few years ago was able to make anyone touched and touched to see the depth of their love. It turns out that the true love story of Mr. BJ Habibie and Ainun is not only immortalized on the big screen, but also immortalized through a monument in Parepare, South Sulawesi.

This monument made of bronze was deliberately made in the Parepare area because the city was the hometown of Mr. BJ Habibie. Parepare is around 153 kilometers from Makassar City. The city is located in a bay overlooking the Makassar Strait. In the northern part it is bordered by Pinrang Regency, while in the east it is bordered by Sidenreng Rappang (Sidrap) Regency, and in the south it borders Barru Regency. Although it is located on the edge of the sea, most of the area is hilly.

This monument is always crowded and never empty of visitors. Visitors always come and go to the real love monuments of BJ Habibie and Ainun. Reporting from tribunnews.com, this monument was inaugurated in May 2015 ago. At that time, Mr. Habibie returned home to Parepare and inaugurated the monument called the True Love Monument Habibie-Ainun.

On this monument stands the statue of Habibie wearing a coat and glasses. While the wife wears a veil and holds a flower. This monument is in the west of Andi Makkasau Square, Jl Andi Isah, Malluse Tasi Village, Ujung Subdistrict, Parepare City.

The number of visitors always increases at night. Both local residents and travelers from all over Indonesia came to capture the moment in front of BJ Habibie-Ainun’s true love monument. The majority of residents take pictures in front of the fountain. This fountain surrounds the statue of BJ Habibie and Ainun. Because of the swift fountain, visitors cannot get too close because it will be sprayed with water.

In addition to the BJ Habibie-Ainun statue, there are photos of Habibie and Ainun displayed on the inside of the monument. Right at the back of the statue. You only need to climb three steps and you can see dozens of their photos. Starting from photos starting from Habibie’s childhood, when Habibie became President of the Republic of Indonesia and photos of both were in Germany. The majority of photos that are attached imply their happiness. True love both feels real when you are in this monument and provides inspiration for couples visiting there.

source : http://jadiberita.com/67316/berkunjung-ke-monumen-cinta-sejati-habibie-ainun.html

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