Hello friends, have you ever vacation to Raja Ampat, this time I will invite all of you to see the east side of Indonesia which is no stranger to the truth.

a very beautiful place to vacation and is still very beautiful because access to there has to be used by sea transportation and takes quite a lot of time so that not everyone knows.

The charm of Raja Ampat is indeed nothing to match. Sharing forms of island and beach tours is available here. No wonder that more and more people make Raja Ampat one of their dream destinations.

One of the destinations you love to miss when visiting to Raja Ampat is Kabui Bay. This Kabui Bay is a bay that is usually used as a location or diving or snorkeling spot for tourists who come to Raja Ampat. Besides being a snorkeling spot, Kabui Bay also deviates a lot of uniqueness like one of them is Batu Pensil.

foto : @compastrip

Batu Pensil is a sharp stone that is high enough and is in the middle of the waters between the other cliffs around Kabui Bay. This Stone Pencil if observed is indeed like a pencil because it is straight and high. Maybe that makes this Pencil Stone unique for anyone who sees it.

administratively Kabui Bay is located between Waigeo Island and Gam Island. Waigeo Island is the place of Waisai, the capital of Raja Ampat Regency, West Papua. Kabui Bay is not as popular as Wayag and Piaynemo or other destinations in Raja Ampat. But over time the popularity of Batu Pensil lifted the name Kabui Bay as a mandatory destination to visit. For friends who are going to Kabui Bay, don’t be surprised if you see some skull bones placed in the edge caves of the island.

It is a bit mystical and seems haunted especially the atmosphere around the bay of Kabui is quiet. None of the ship’s crew knew of the election of the skulls that were placed there. Besides the skull, visitors can also see stalagmites and stalagites around the cave.

Memang sedikit mistis dan terkesan angker terlebih suasana disekitar teluk Kabui sepi. Pihak ABK kapalpun tak ada yang mengetahui pemili tengkorak-tengkorak yang diletakan begitu saja disana. Selain tengkorak sebenarnya pengunjung juga bisa melihat stalagmit dan stalagtit disekitar gua.

Being embraced by Kabui is a Bay called Passage. This Bay Passage itself is a narrow road or gap between the islands of Waigeo and the island of Gam. Nah Passage is one of the favorite diving spots in Raja Ampat. Even without the need to dive or snorkel, even from above the waters or on the boat we have seen various colors and shapes of rocks and fish around them.

Source:  https://backpackerjakarta.com/ see- uniqueness-stone-pencil-di-bay-kabui-raja-ampat /

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