Beladas Bujang Gadis Beladas dance – Four female dancers come out in the right direction, while three male dancers come out from the opposite direction. They wear traditional South Sumatran clothing. That has been modified in several parts, including the use of vests on male dancers. The dancers who numbered seven people were dancing a creative dance titled beladas girl bujang dance.

Beladas Bujang Gadis Beladas dance
Beladas Bujang Gadis Beladas dance

History of Beladas Bujang Dance

Beladas bujang girls dance is a creative dance depicting the cheerful young people. Place on Ogan Kemering Ilir community, Palembang, South Sumatra. This cheerfulness can be seen from the dance movements. That rely on foot movements such as, jumping, mingling, and changing formations. Although mixed, the male dancer movement will continue to follow the group, and vice versa for female dancers.

In terms of costume, the beladas bachelor girl dancer wears typical South Sumatra clothing. The female dancer wears brackets with Palembang songket subordinates in golden motifs. While the male dancers wear brightly colored vests whose lower part is also wrapped in songket cloth.

At the top, the female dancer uses a head covering while the male dancer is wrapped with a second headband. Adorned with a bird of paradise bird as a symbol of beauty. Meanwhile, a small tambourine is the only property that is used in staging the beladas bujang dance.

When will this dance be performed?

As with other contemporary works of art. The music that accompanies the Beladas girl’s bujang dance is music originating from a combination of various musical instruments, both traditional and modern. These traditional instruments include jimbe, kendang, and chords as the main characteristics in every Sumatran Malay music.

Beladas bujang girl dance is often performed in various ceremonies such as, weddings, circumcisions, or in various other formal events. The cheerful message conveyed in this dance represents the young people of South Sumatra. Especially in Ogan Kemering Ilir Regency who are always energetic, cheerful, and happy.

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