Black and White Fight in Belanger Dance – Two men came out carrying containers containing incense burnt. Then followed by four female dancers in black clothes with a touch of red. While music makes a noise that illustrates the tension. The four dancers then form a formation, they will dance to a dance creation called dance belanger.

Black and White Fight in Belanger Dance
Black and White Fight in Belanger Dance

Belanger dance is a dance of creation. Inspired by the habits of village women in Ogan Kemering Ilir Regency, South Sumatra. In protecting themselves from spells. Village communities in Ogan Kemering Ilir Regency recognize the custom of women in protecting themselves. Protecting from witchcraft that has existed since prehistoric times.

The habit is often even done by asking for help to the shaman or people who are considered “smart”. Guarding yourself from witchcraft is considered important for village women. Because witchcraft can cause a person to have two personalities and his actions are always influenced by evil spirits.

The history of belanger dance

In general, the belanger dance promotes the idea of ​​a story about a princess who was used by a shaman. The princess then asks for help from someone who is considered “smart” to fight the evil shaman. Then, the dance depicts a battle between the forces of evil and good through two shamans. Who wear black and white, which are then won by good forces.

Belanger dance is accompanied by stomping music which is produced from a combination of traditional musical instruments. In the form of drums, gongs, fiddle, which is collaborated with other modern musical instruments. Besides functioning as a dance accompaniment, music in the belanger dance also functions as an atmosphere builder. So that the audience participates in the conflict that is presented in the dance performance.

Although it is only a dance of creation adapted from old habits. The belanger dance is thick with religious nuances contained in it. This dance reveals the universal truth. That evil forces will always be defeated by white forces, which are sourced from God’s help. Because God is the best dependent.

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