Pagaralam, Megalithic Cultural Center in South Sumatra – Pagaralam in South Sumatra not only has beautiful natural scenery, this weak earth is also a place of megalithic culture. The hills of tropical forests flanked by Bukit Barisan and Mount Dempo make this region rich in rocky rocks. The frozen rocks of this type of andesite are often used by prehistoric humans to make various spectacular works. Such as statues, stone mortars, stone tombs, dolmen, and menhirs.

Pagaralam, Megalithic Cultural Center in South Sumatra
Pagaralam, Megalithic Cultural Center in South Sumatra

According to Van der Hoop, a Dutch researcher, in Pagaralam found 22 areas. That are believed to be megalithic site environments from prehistoric times. From the various areas, artifacts were found, but most of the conditions of the artifacts were damaged. Some were still buried and had not been identified.

Megalithic statues from sites found in Pagaralam are divided into two types. The first type describes a single form or figure, which is a human or animal. While the second category describes more than one form or plural figures. Depicting human figures with humans or humans with animals.

What is Beghibu stone ?

Beghibu stone is one of the sites found in Pagaralam, precisely in the middle of rice fields in Tegur Wangi Village. According to historical records, the beghibu stone site is believed to be a former settlement site and a place of worship for local people in the past. For local people today, Tegur Wangi Lama Village is an area that has always been considered sacred and sacred.

The megalith stone which was found in the middle of a rice field was used as a place for funeral ceremonies for elderly people who died. When there are elders who die, people put offerings in front of statues, dolmen, and menhirs. For ancient people, the death of a person is considered sacred. Therefore, it is not surprising that at the ceremony of death, people are adorned with clothes and jewelry. It is intended as a form of respect for the bodies that will be inserted into the stone tomb.

History of this site

According to the notes listed on the site, when there is a death of someone who is considered an elder, the community is depicted wearing traditional clothing and jewelry called beghibu. Beghibu is a designation for jewelry in the form of eardrops or earrings studded with diamonds. Because of that myth, the ancient site of fragrant scolding by the local community was called there beghibu stone. While in other places, it is still in the area of ​​the earth with weak Pagaralam, precisely in the village of Tanjung Ato, there is another megalith site that the community called the human site wrapped around snakes.

Site in the form of statues found in the middle of rice fields is inseparable from the story of a legend that tells of a pair of lovers who make love without the ties of marriage, to perform acts that are considered to violate customs. The act makes an angry snake and wrapped around the two lovers until they both died.

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