Opu Daeng Menambon

Helloindonesia.id – Heading to the Tomb of Opu Daeng Menambon is not easy. Its location on the hill requires that visitors must walk with the incline and through the stairs, amounting to about 256 pieces. This is the tomb of the first king of Mempawah Kingdom who has the title Pangeran Mas Surya Negara.

Opu Daeng Menambon
Opu Daeng Menambon

The Opu Daeng Manambom tomb area is located in Sebukit Rama or about 5 km from Pasir Village, District of Mempawah downstream, Pontianak, West Kalimantan. Opu Daeng Manambom was the first king of the Mempawah Kingdom to rule from 1695-1763 and died in 1763.

The tomb of Opu Daeng Manambon has always been the main agenda of Raja Mempawah to visit while carrying out the Robo-Robo procession which is held annually on the last Wednesday of the month of Safar. The Robo-Robo ceremony itself is a ritual to commemorate the footsteps of the Opu Daeng Menambon journey besides that, Robo-Robo was held as an effort to repel reinforcements because the people there have a lot of confidence in the month of Safar.

History of Opu Daeng Manambon

Opu Daeng Manambon is the son of Opu Tandre Borong Daeng Rilekke, the King of the Luwu Kingdom in South Sulawesi who is married to Putri Kesumba. Putri Kesumba is the son of the Utin Indrawati couple who are Panembahan Senggaok’s daughters, Sultan Muhamad Zainuddin of Matan Tanjungpura Kingdom. The pair of Princess Kesumba and Opu Daeng Manambun later sent down the kings who ruled in the kingdom of Mempawah.

The arrival of Opu Daeng Menambon to Mempawah had a huge impact on the people there. In addition to spreading Islam, Opu Daeng Menambon also forms the basis for ethnic diversity in Mempawah. He teaches the value of interethnic harmony and interfaith in the Mempawah community.

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