Batik Day
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National Batik Day, Protecting Indonesia’s cultural arts heritage – Reported by, the word ‘Batik‘ in language, comes from the combination of two kinds of words, namely the word ‘Amba’ and the word ‘Tik’. ‘Amba’ means broad or wide; which means broad, namely cloth as the material used, while ‘Tik’ means point. So, in combination it is usually called bati In an […]

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Tapis Lampung
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Lampung Sumatra Tribe Art

Tapis cloth, typical of Lampung – If in Java, we know Batik, in Sumatra we know Ulos while in Flores we know weaving, then in Lampung we will get to know Tapis Fabric. Tapis fabric is now a mainstay souvenir from Lampung. Formerly, the women’s clothing of the Lampung tribe. This Tapis fabric is made of woven cotton thread […]

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Besurek Batik Bengkulu
Bengkulu Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Sumatra Art

The history of Besurek Bengkulu batik – Cultural wealth in Bengkulu can be said to be so many and varied. One of them is Besurek batik cloth which is a typical cloth from Bengkulu. The origin is called Batik Besurek because this batik uses motifs that read Arabic calligraphy. Besurek is a Bengkulu dialect Malay language which means written or […]

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Batik Jambi
Culture helloindonesia Indonesia Indonesian Jambi Sumatra Art

Batik Jambi unique and awesome – Indonesia can be proud because batik has been designated as world cultural heritage. It is not surprising considering so many batik-producing areas in this country. The motives are different and each region has its own peculiarities. One of the batik-producing regions is Jambi. Batik cloth was first brought and introduced in this area […]

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