Tahu-Tek (Tofu), Tahu (Tofu) Typical Legendary Surabaya

Helloindonesia.id – At a glance, this culinary is a dish that is so appetizing. With plenty of spices and rice cake, tofu, and small sprouts or sprouts as the main ingredients, this food is one of the favorites in East Java. Tahu Tek, one of the culinary that you must try when in the Surabaya area.

Tofu Tek

Tek tofu is a dish consisting of half-cooked fried tofu and small pieces of rice cake. Additional complementary ingredients such as french fries, a little bean sprouts, and cucumber slices make the feel of tofu tek so rich. Finally, the spray of petis makes tofu tek a delicious and delicious dish. Additional prawn crackers and a little fried onion arouse your appetite when Tahu tek is served in front of us.

There is one interesting thing about naming this tek. In the past, sellers who sold this tech tofu used scissors to cut ingredients such as tofu and rice cake. When cutting this the scissors accidentally sounded continuously by the seller even though the food ingredients had been cut out and slowly the sound of the sound … the … the sound … from this sound until now this culinary is called tahu tek.

Tofu is often found on street corners around Surabaya. For one serving of tofu, you don’t need to spend too much. You only need to spend IDR 12,000, then one serving of delicious tek is ready to be served for you to eat.

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