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The Legendary “Roti Ganda” of Pematang Siantar – If you travel to Siantar City, surely you will want to buy a Double Bread that is already typical among the people. Not just deliciousness, this bread is famous for its softness. Ganda Bread is a large piece of white bread that is halved and then spread with jam. The term Bread Dual […]

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Enjoy the Ice Cream Dish in the Young Coconut Shell – If Jakarta has Ragusa ice cream, then in Pontianak there is A-Ngie ice cream. The uniqueness of this ice cream lies in its presentation on pieces of coconut coconut shell. Serving ice cream with coconut meat makes the dish inviting sensations and appetites to immediately try it. The freshness of ice cream with […]

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Typical Enchantment of Ternate Weaving – Ikat woven cloth is a type of old cloth that has been known in Indonesia since ancient times. Almost every region of Indonesia has its own woven fabric. Starting from the region of West to East Indonesia has its own characteristics in the woven fabric. Woven fabrics usually have prices that are not […]

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Tahu-Tek (Tofu), Tahu (Tofu) Typical Legendary Surabaya – At a glance, this culinary is a dish that is so appetizing. With plenty of spices and rice cake, tofu, and small sprouts or sprouts as the main ingredients, this food is one of the favorites in East Java. Tahu Tek, one of the culinary that you must try when in the Surabaya […]

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Indonesian Cocoa Contributes 13 Percent of World Production – Originally from South America, (the Aztec Indian region), cocoa was brought to Indonesia and grew well. Like coffee, Indonesian cocoa develops in taste and in its economy. World chocolate production and consumption which tends to be stable, encourages the development of the Indonesian chocolate economy to develop throughout the world. Domestically, cocoa also […]

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Nganggung tradition in Bangka Belitung

is a hereditary tradition that can only be found in Bangka. Because the nganggung tradition is a Bangka identity, in accordance with the slogan Sepintu Sedulang, which reflects the nature of mutual cooperation, the same weight is carried lightly and equally carried. In this event, every family head brings dulang, a kind of round tray […]

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