Helloindonesia.id – If you travel to Siantar City, surely you will want to buy a Double Bread that is already typical among the people. Not just deliciousness, this bread is famous for its softness. Ganda Bread is a large piece of white bread that is halved and then spread with jam. The term Bread Dual comes from the name of the legendary bread business that was opened since 1979 and has survived for four generations in Pematang Siantar. It’s called the Dual Bread Shop, located on Jalan Kartini, Pematang Siantar, North Sumatra. Previously, this shop was located on Jalan Sutomo.

Roti Ganda
Roti Ganda

This type of loaf-shaped bread and quite large to fill a rumbling stomach after touring Siantar City. This Double Bread is actually a Bolu Cake. But what is more famous is Roti Srikaya. Bread smeared with jam made from Srikaya. Although in all of northern Sumatra there are many srikaya jams, but the srikaya produced by the Ganda Shop (a place for selling Double Bread) is different from the others. Maybe that’s why Roti Ganda is so famous in North Sumatra and Indonesia especially in Siantar.

It feels delicious, tender and certainly will make you addicted. The price is quite cheap. You only need to spend Rp. 17,000, – for a large package of Double Bread that has been cut into several pieces and then wrapped in paper. and for small bread Rp. 2,500. There are many choices and types of cakes offered at the Dual Shop. Every day, shoppers huddle in the 4×10 meter bread shop to hunt down a piece of fresh bread that has been smeared with srikaya jam or sprinkled with meses.

There, not only bread is sold, but there are also srikaya jam, and white cream. For the size of a glass of mineral water valued at Rp. 9 thousand. While the size of half a kilo is Rp. 25 thousand, and one kilo is Rp. 40 thousand. Just choose which one you want to buy. Especially for bread that is bought and brought home, unfortunately only lasts two days. Because the bread in this shop is always fresh from the oven. You do not be surprised if you have entered the Dual Shop, you have to wait for your turn in line. Because there are so many buyers. So, don’t hesitate to visit this Siantar City. And don’t forget to bring souvenirs typical of Siantar City.

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