Air terjun tibu ijo, sumber :, Mataram – In Kekait Village, West Lombok Regency, there are valleys that are overgrown with arenas or enau (Arenga Pinnata) and become tourist destinations for tourists. The place called Lembah Pusuk is also a lot of white plants, jackfruit, langsat, kepundung and durian.

Look at sugar palm agrotourism in Kekait village
Look at sugar palm agrotourism in Kekait village, source :

In this garden the number of palm trees reaches 60 percent and grows naturally. Visitors can explore this area by walking 1,250 meters into the trail where the construction is funded by the Ministry of Rural Development and Transmigration of Rp. 1.4 billion. There are also parking lots, galleries, brakak sasak or gazebos.

According to the Chairperson of the Kekait Haji Mustaan ​​Village Community Empowerment Institute (who is also the Chair of the Indonesian Aren Association in the West Nusa Tenggara Region), visitors can watch the processing of palm sugar from upstream to downstream. “Starting from the tapping process to the finished product,” Mustaan ​​said to Tempo, Wednesday, November 21, 2018.

According to local residents, they usually process palm water into brown sugar and ant sugar like ivory sugar. From 10 liters of palm sugar, said he can produce one kilogram of sugar ant. Mustaan ​​claimed to have 70 palm trees, 40 durian trees, 50 Mlinjo trees.

In addition there is also a waterfall tour called green tibo waterfall

This Tibu Ijo offers breathtaking natural scenery and atmosphere amid the hills of palm gardens. The green and tiered pool can relieve fatigue during the trip. Not only tracking, camping, you can enjoy there, of course, you can see the surrounding community harvesting palm fruit which will be processed into palm sugar and palm wine or the people of Lombok call it sweet tuak, besides the very sweet taste and sweet sweet palm wine this can also increase stamina.

Where is this Tibo Ijo waterfall …? both Tibu Ijo Waterfall are in Kekait Village, Gunungsari District, West Lombok Regency (Lobar), West Nusa Tenggara (NTB). This location is not far from the city center in Lombok. And there you will be presented with beautiful views of the hills, palm trees and of course the atmosphere that is very natural and soothing.

Air terjun tibu ijo, sumber :
source :

Why is this location called the Tibu Ijo waterfall …? because under the waterfall there is a pool that has no foundation, so that the pool has a green color like that the people around call it.

To get to the Tibu Ijo waterfall you need 20 minutes or approximately 13 kilometers from the city of Mataram and it takes 15 minutes from Senggigi Beach and this route to the port of Bangsal which can be taken only 20 minutes from Kekait Village.

To go to this location I suggest you use a personal vehicle or trevel, because if you use public transportation it will be very difficult for you later, and at the foot of the hill there will be one of the houses that provides parking for your vehicle, just by spending money Rp. 2,000, – just to pay parking for your vehicle there.

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